Welcome to the Throne of Odin Guild Family for Gems of Wars (PC/Mobile)

Throne of Odin – Valhalla, I am coming!

Throne of Odin Guild Family Crest Border Fixex Welcome to the Throne of Odin Guild Family for Gems of Wars (PC/Mobile)


Are you a high-level experienced player looking for a competitive Gems of War guild that will keep you at the top of your game? Or maybe you’re a beginner looking for a guild where there are lots of opportunities to progress through an established active guild system? Or perhaps a player who just wishes to relax and play at their own pace? The Throne of Odin Guild Family offers mobile/PC players a great community for all types of game play with lots of information to help you in your Gems of War journey!

We are a 9 guild family with tiered requirements to suit all styles of play from new player, casual, semi casual, competitive, and mid game to end game.  Whether you are looking to relax and play at your own pace or would like a fast paced and competitive environment, we can find the guild for you!

All of our guilds get 40k seals weekly. Click on any of the guild names below to see minimum requirements and full weekly rewards.

Throne of Odin

Gods of Valhalla

Odin’s Wolves

The Abyss

Age of Ragnarok

The Valkyries



Odin’s Shamans

If you’re interested in joining the family, come join our discord server.  Our discord server is very active, packed with lots of info and experienced players ready to help.

Join it here: discord.gg/pa6Mnwy