Cult of Odin

Come praise Odin in the Cult of Odin! Pull up a rug and relax at our great fire with an overflowing horn of mead. Our halls are open to anyone who wants to have fun and participate in all of our glorious events!  A perfect guild for completive players that want balanced game requirements. 

Minimum Requirements

  • 500k gold (when all your kingdoms are at level 10+)
  • 1500 seals per week
  • 200 trophies per week
  • Guild War/Raid/Invasion/Tower of Doom events: Participation Mandatory
    • Raid Boss Damage: ≥ 3,000
    • Invasion: ≥ 30 towers
    • Tower of Doom: ≥ 15 dooms
  • World Events: Must score at least 75% of the average points required per guild member to close all event stages.  (Actual point amount will be provided each week)

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