Odin’s Wolves

Odin’s Wolves are out of their den…prowling and ready to play!  If you’re looking for an event focused and high gold donating guild without the stress of Guild Wars, then Odin’s Wolves is the perfect den for you.

Minimum Requirements

  • All Kingdoms must be leveled to 10 or higher
  • 1.2M gold (must be donated within first 48 hours after weekly reset)
  • 1500 seals per week
  • 300 trophies per week
  • Guild War: None
  • Raid/Invasion/Tower of Doom: Participation Mandatory
    • Raid Boss Damage: ≥ 6,500
    • Invasion: ≥ 100 towers
    • Tower of Doom: ≥ 25 dooms
  • World Events: Must score at least 75% of the average points required per guild member to close all event stages.  (Actual point amount will be provided each week)

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