The Valkyries

The Valkyries is an engaging semi-competitive guild with flexible requirements determined by level and a focus on weekly events and Guild Wars. It’s the perfect place for casual players seeking continued growth while building experience in competitive events.

The Valkyries hit 40,000 seals and they complete all basic + 1-2 epic tasks weekly, with all epics and numerous legendary tasks on Guild Wars weeks. All event stages are routinely closed and we are currently in Guild Wars bracket #14. Join us and fly high with the Valkyries today!

Minimum Requirements

  • All Kingdoms must be leveled to 10 or higher
  • 300k gold per week
  • 800 seals per week
  • 100 trophies per week
  • Guild War/Raid/Invasion/Tower of Doom: Participation Mandatory with requirements based on your level
    • Under level 100: Do the best you can
    • Level 100-500
      • Raid Boss Damage ≥ 5,000
      • Invasion: ≥ 50 towers
      • Tower of Doom: ≥ 20 dooms
    • Level 500+
      • Raid Boss Damage ≥ 6,500
      • Invasion: ≥ 100 towers
      • Tower of Doom: ≥ 25 dooms
  • World Events: Must score at least 50% of the average points required per guild member to close all event stages.  (Actual point amount will be provided each week)

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