Throne Of Odin

Throne of Odin (ToO) is our flagship guild, with the highest requirements and rewards.  

 ToO also holds the Tower of Doom record for most Dooms defeated in a week with 11,905 dooms!  If you feel up to the challenge, apply to Throne of Odin and show your true mettle!

The minimum requirements are more of a guideline as our members are expected to exceed them when possible.  

Minimum Event Requirements

  • Guild War/Raid/Invasion/Tower of Doom events: Participation Mandatory
    • Raid Boss Damage: ≥ 6,500
    • Invasion: ≥ 100 towers
    • Tower of Doom: ≥ 25 dooms
  • World Events: Must score at least 75% of the average points required per guild member to close all event stages.  (Actual point amount will be provided each week)

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