Yggdrasil is a mid-level active guild with flexible requirements determined by a player’s level.   Guild Wars and all events are optional. It’s an ideal guild for mid-level players who enjoy playing GoW at their own pace without having to stress about weekly event requirements.

Yggdrasil hits 40,000 seals and completes all basic guild tasks each week. We occasionally complete a few epic tasks and routinely close out the majority of event stages. Yggdrasil is an excellent guild for those looking to continue their growth in GoW in a fun, friendly environment.  

Minimum Requirements

  • Level based requirements
    • If Kingdoms are level 10+: 1000s/100t/300k gold
    • If Kingdoms are under level 10: 1500s/50t/no gold while leveling
  • Guild War/Raid/Invasion/Tower of Doom/Weekly Events: participation optional, but encouraged

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